“The Early American Cents are an intriguing family and they never die, fade or get broken. Like good jewelry they seem to transcend human mortality and to grow richer with age. There is a time-binding quality and a sense of intrinsic full value or full integrity in an Early Copper Cent.”
                                                                                                         Dr. William H. Sheldon – Early American Cents

Early American Coppers (EAC) is a not-for-profit numismatic specialty organization founded in 1967 to serve as a point of contact for collectors of early U.S. copper coins: Colonials, Half Cents, Large Cents, and Hard Time Tokens. Today EAC comprises more than 1,600 members located throughout the United States. EAC members are deeply interested in the historical background, attribution, grading, rarity, and related aspects of the early coppers, as well as collecting and trading. Many EAC members are highly knowledgeable and prolific contributors to the numismatic literature of this country. In 1970 EAC became a club member of the American Numismatic Association.

EAC publishes Penny Wise, a bi-monthly magazine, with most issues running more than 50 pages. Penny Wise contains numerous original articles pertaining to early coppers. A number of articles have subsequently been reprinted in The Numismatist. Three of the reprinted articles have been “Heath Award” winners.

Annual national conventions and frequent regional meetings provide the opportunity for club members to gather. Friendships are made and renewed. Knowledge and wisdom may be passed from the more experienced member to the novice. New discoveries and new ideas are shared. Members return home with many memories and looking forward to their next EAC gathering.

For information contact: www.eacs.org